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Because of the plug-in authenticator framework, the AccountManager can provide access to any authtokens an authenticator supports and chooses to expose, such as OAuth2 authtokens. The Contacts Provider always uses this column for the data that the provider expects will be the most frequent target of a query. This guide describes the following: The classes define constants for content URIs, column names, and column values used by the tables:. StreamItemPhotos defines a sub-table of android. StreamItemPhotos containing the photo rows for a single stream item. If you find an inconsistent modification has occurred, you roll back your transaction and retry it.

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  • Ever wanted to share your contacts but couldn't find the option in Android?

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    Do you need an easy way to share your own contact details with others? Do you. Crea una copia de seguridad de tus contactos y sincronízalos en todos tus dispositivos. • Crea una copia de seguridad de los contactos de tu cuenta de Google.

    Welcome to Share Contacts!

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    Share Contacts app allows you to send information about your contacts as text by SMS, e-mail or any other application that can.
    These are stored in the android. It maintains three types of data about a person, each of which corresponds to a table offered by the provider, as illustrated in figure Stream items are always associated with a raw contact. Don't add your own custom data to the ContactsContract.

    The first snippet retrieves contact data from the UI.

    Contacts Provider Android Developers

    This facilitates displaying and modifying all the data a user has collected for a person. The Contacts Provider combines the raw contact rows across all account types and account names to form a contact.

    images lcontactos app android
    With these features, your social networking services and applications can be integrated into Android's social networking experience.

    StructuredName The name data for the raw contact associated with this data row.

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    For example, the account name of a Google account is one of the device owner's Gmail addresses. StructuredPostal A postal address for the raw contact associated with this data row.

    images lcontactos app android

    When the Contacts Provider encounters a yield point, it pauses its work to let other processes run and closes the current transaction. To facilitate this, the Contacts Provider offers entity constructs, which act like database joins between tables.

    Back up your contacts and sync them across all your devices • Safely back up the contacts in your Google Account to the cloud • Access the contacts in your.

    images lcontactos app android

    Download Lcontactos lesbianas apk and all version history for Android. App official social network for lesbians girls. Una agenda de contactos elegante y sencilla.

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    Simpler Puntúa esta App. Simpler El servicio de correo de Google en tu terminal Android. Gmail icon.
    All accesses between two yield points will either succeed or fail as a single unit.

    The profile contacts row is linked to a raw contacts row for each system that uses a profile.

    images lcontactos app android

    Important raw contact columns The important columns in the ContactsContract. Notice that the attribute prefix android: Because the contacts repository contains important and sensitive data that users expect to be correct and up-to-date, the Contacts Provider has well-defined rules for data integrity.

    Together, they identify a specific data flow between the Contacts Provider and an external service.

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    images lcontactos app android
    The user account type is also Google. Your rows are limited to using the column defined in ContactsContract.

    It has the following syntax:. The generic column name constants always work, regardless of the type of data the row contains. Displays the device's contacts application's Add Contact screen.

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      The account name for the account type that's the source of this raw contact. Data row, and how type-specific column names "overlay" the generic column names.

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      This user has enabled Sync Contacts for all three of these accounts in the Accounts settings. If an application or sync adapter creates a new raw contact that does match an existing contact, the new raw contact is aggregated to the existing contact.

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      An entity is like a table composed of selected columns from a parent table and its child table. Sending an intent to the device's contacts application allows you to access the Contacts Provider indirectly.

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